Sage Inn

The Sage Inn cabins are a four-cabin complex that offers a variety of accommodation options, with a shared bathroom and the hot springs a short walk away.

  • Room #1  offers (1) Double Bed  $45/night
  • Room #2  offers (3) Twin Beds  $45/night
  • Room #3  offers (1) Queen and (1) Twin  $45/night
  • Room #4  offers (1) Queen  $45/night

Cabin rates are based on double occupancy. Extra guests $5.00/night. Pets $7.00/pet/night.

Sage Inn Cabins

Sage Inn Cabins

Sage Inn Cabins

Sage Inn Cabins

crystal crane hot springs cabins

Sage Inn Cabins

All overnight accommodations include unlimited use of the Hot Springs Pond, Commons Area, Camp Kitchen, Restrooms, and Showers.

All rooms are supplied with bedding and towels.

All cabins and rooms are non-smoking.

Open Daily 9 am – 9 pm (except Christmas and Thanksgiving)

Reservations Recommended

Two week cancellation notification is MANDATORY


Crane Hot Springs 59315 Highway 78 Burns, OR 97720