Preparing for a Trip to Crystal Crane Hot Springs

crystal crane hot springs accomodations

Crystal Crane Hot Springs

Picture this: An evening soaking in 99 degree waters under the starlit skies.  Sleeping in the quiet, deserted high desert of Oregon with nothing but the sounds of the wind to sing you to sleep. And conversing on the deck of your private cabin with nothing but the moonlight to illuminate the area.

Part of the charm of enjoying Crystal Crane Hot Springs is it’s quiet, desolate high desert surroundings.  It’s what makes it so peaceful and quiet here.  But it sometimes comes as a surprise to first-time visitors that there are few city amenities at Crystal Crane Hot Springs.  Located about 26 miles outside of Burns in Eastern Oregon, Crystal Crane is a small, rustic oasis in the desert.  And we like it that way! So, if you are planning a trip to come see us, we would like you to keep a few things in mind so that your trip is as pleasurable and accommodating as possible.

Preparing for a Trip to Crystal Crane Hot Springs:

What to bring…

crystal crane hot springs kitchen

Camp Kitchen

1. Bring along food and bottled water. Since we are about 25 miles outside of the nearest large town of Burns, Oregon, and there is no on-site restaurant, we recommend packing along any food you would like for your stay.  No matter what accommodations you choose–the rustic cabins, inn, Bunk House, tent camping, teepee with private bath, or RV camp sites–there is a Camp Kitchen for use at your disposal.  Our Camp Kitchen is equipped with a stove, refrigerator, microwave, sink and dinnerware for your convenience. We even have dishes and cookware to make meal preparation a snap. Forget something? Don’t fret, there is a convenience store in the town of Crane, just a few miles away.

2. Bring the appropriate clothing.  Because most of our accommodations (with the exception of the Bunk House, Cowpoke Inn, and Ranch House) require the use of a shared bathroom, it is important to consider packing warm clothes and appropriate footwear for when you need to make the short walk to the restrooms.  Ditto goes for soaking attire.  Be sure to pack along a robe and slippers (towels are provided) for your walk to/from the bathhouses or hot springs.  You may even consider bringing an extra swim suit so you have a spare in case one is still wet.

Common's Area

Common’s Area

3. Plan out activities.  At Crystal Crane Hot Springs, our guests have access to our Commons Area which has games, television, and books for our guests to use.  You may however, consider bringing along your own activities, movies, books, games, and toys for the kids as well.

4. Check out the surrounding Harney County.  If you are lucky enough to prolong your stay long enough to check out the local offerings, there is plenty to do in Crane, Burns, and the rest of Harney County: rock-hounding, hunting, bird-watching, hiking, or just taking in the sights and sounds of the high-desert. Of course, we feel the true gem of the area is enjoying the landscape during the day, then coming back to a warm place to soak and sleep!

5. Other special considerations: kids and dogs. Crystal Crane Hot Springs has something for everyone.  That means we are a family-friendly resort, so kids and dogs are welcome too! Kids are welcome in any of the overnight accommodations, as well as the bathhouses and hot springs (when supervised by an adult).  Well-behaved dogs are welcome in the cabins and campsites, though we ask that they be leashed when outside, and not be allowed to enter the hot springs. We have accommodations and bathhouses for one–or many–so no matter what size your family, we welcome you with open arms and warm towels!

crystal crane hot springs cabins

Cabin Accommodations

What you don’t need to bring to Crystal Crane Hot Springs:

1. Towels.

2. Games and books.

3. Sheets, bedding and pillows (provided in the Inn, Cabins, and Houses).

4. Generators and water (our RV sites have power, water and optional sewer).

5. Electronic devises. We feel that when you are at Crystal Crane, you should completely unplug and relax.  However, if you do need to make contact with the outside world, we have plugins in the cabin to charge your devices, and complimentary wifi.

6. Firewood.  Nothing like relaxing by the fire while the sun is setting.  If you forget your firewood, don’t fret–we have firewood, as well as an assortment of concessions available for purchase in the main building.

We hope you enjoy the rustic beauty of Crystal Crane Hot Springs as we do.  If you have tips on how to make a stay at Crystal Crane Hot Springs even more enjoyable, don’t hesitate to share your idea with us by placing a comment below or on the Crystal Crane Facebook Page.


Thanks For Visiting!

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