What Kind of Crystal Crane Traveler Are You?

120902-CRANE001There’s a distinct difference between first timers and seasoned visitors of Crystal Crane Hot Spring and Resort: seasoned travels are found leisurely soaking in the public pond during the wee hours of the morning, doing the backstroke through water like they are the king of the high desert, while newcomers hesitate to dip in their toes.

What you don’t know can be intimidating…you’ll ask yourself, “Do I need to bring a towel?” “Where should I stay?” “Will there be a bunch of naked soakers there?” “Should I say hello, or quietly keep to myself?”

We’ve got all the answers you need right here (and if we don’t, just ask! Our Facebook followers are incredibly willing and helpful in answering newbies questions!).

Where Should I Stay?

Crystal Crane has a variety of overnight accommodations depending on the number of travelers, budget, and comfort level desired.

For larger groups, you can opt to reserve multiple tent spaces (we have dozens), rent the teepee with hot tub (seasonal, sleeps up to 10), or rent our Cowpoke Inn (6 persons) or Ranch House (6 persons). Tent camping is obviously the most rustic, followed by the Teepee, but both offer use of the common spaces like the camp kitchen, public pond, restroom facilities, and showers. For a more luxurious stay, the Cowpoke Inn is quaint but has a kitchen and bathroom, and the Ranch House is the most comfortable with multiple bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a sitting room, outdoor space, and full kitchen.

For smaller parties, you can opt for our tent spaces, RV spaces (water, sewer, and electric available), Sage Inn rooms, or quaint cabins. The tent spaces are the most budget-friendly ($20/night), followed by the Sage Inn rooms ($45/night), but for slightly more, the cabins and bunk house are much more private and closer to the hot spring ($54-$69/night). All of our facilities include free use of the public pond, showers, and public spaces.

 What Should I Bring?

Bring along food and bottled water. Since we are about 25 miles outside of the nearest large town of Burns, Oregon, and there is no on-site restaurant, we recommend packing along any food you would like for your stay.

Bring the appropriate clothing.  Because most of our accommodations (with the exception of the Bunk House, Cowpoke Inn, and Ranch House) require the use of a shared bathroom, it is important to consider packing warm clothes and appropriate footwear for when you need to make the short walk to the restrooms.  Ditto goes for soaking attire.

Bring the kids and dogs. Crystal Crane Hot Springs has something for everyone.  That means we are a family-friendly resort, so kids and dogs are welcome too! Kids are welcome in any of the overnight accommodations, as well as the bathhouses and hot springs (when supervised by an adult).  Well-behaved dogs are welcome in the cabins and campsites, though we ask that they be leashed when outside, and not be allowed to enter the hot springs.

Bring soaking clothes. Sorry, our public pond is clothing-required so we can keep it family-friendly. But if you like to soak in the nude, our private, cedar-enclosed bathhouses are available for rent by the hour (and we thoroughly wash them after every soak).

What NOT To  Bring:

Towels (if staying in the cabins, bunk house, Cowpoke Inn, Sage Inn, or Ranch House–they are provided for you). Sheets, bedding and pillows are also provided in these accommodations.

Electronic devises. We are here to relax.

RV generators. We have power hook-ups, and we like to keep it quiet.

Drugs and alcohol. Sorry, we try to keep it family-friendly and safe here.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

At Crystal Crane, we try to appeal to all types of travelers. That’s why we have lots of public places, and private places. If you are the kind of traveler that likes to meet new people, our public pond, camp spaces, and Common’s Room are great places to meet other travelers, get a cup of coffee, and maybe even chat over a bonfire. If you are more private, you can take a soak in the bathhouse, and retreat quietly to your room or cabin for a quiet evening in.

Other things to note: we believe most of our visitors come here to enjoy the quiet of the high desert. That’s why we have quiet hours starting at 10pm. Feel free to soak 24 hours, just do it quietly and respectfully!