The Pacific Flyway Path Through Crystal Crane Hot Springs

11163235_845718362182536_286519191494287518_nDid you know Burns, Oregon, and Crystal Crane Hot Springs is along the migratory bird Pacific Flyway?

The Pacific Flyway, which reaches from Patagonia to Alaska, is the major North to South flyway for migrating birds. In the Spring, migratory birds can be seen throughout this region. Our area of Harney County is so populated with migratory birds during these seasons that Burns actually hosts a Migratory Bird Festival every April.

During the Spring days in the Oregon high desert, you can see up to 100 different species of migratory birds. Many migratory birds follow this pathway through our county because of the abundant food sources, breeding grounds, and pathway to the North. Though densely populated with birds in the Spring, most waterfowl who travel through the Harney Basin in the spring do not return in the fall since the conditions are mostly dry this time of year. They opt instead to move southward through Klamath Falls.

If you are a birder interested in seeing the species currently in migration, now is the time to book your stay at Crystal Crane Hot Springs. We have a variety of accommodations for camping, RV-ing, or staying in one of our cabins, rooms, or other overnight accommodations.