Family Night Tuesdays all Summer at Crystal Crane

Family Night Every Tuesday at Crystal Crane!

Family Night Every Tuesday at Crystal Crane!

Forget Taco Tuesday! Tuesday means discounts soaks for families at Crystal Crane.

Looking for a unique family activity this summer? Crystal Crane Hot Springs has a Tuesday Family Night Special. This summer, you and your family can enjoy a hot spring soak for only $3.50/per person at 4pm. For the price of a Happy Meal, you can enjoy a soak until the sun goes downs, taking in the pristine high desert surroundings in the quiet isolation of our public pond. The pond is heated to a comfortable 100 degrees (on average), so even chilly nights are a pleasure!

If you live in Harney County and haven’t been over to see us yet, family night is the perfect opportunity! We are located just 25 miles southeast of Burns, Oregon on Highway 78, just north of Crane, Oregon. Mark “moon watching”, “star gazing”, or “mineral soaking” on your calendar for every Tuesday this summer, and enjoy an activity that is “all about the water.”