What’s IN Crystal Crane’s Hot Spring Water, Anyway?

soak-651x651In honor of National Water Quality Month, we thought it would be fun to tell you why, at Crystal Crane, it really IS “All About the Water!” That’s because our water has a variety of dissolved minerals in our water (and the ancient lake bed that Crystal Crane resides on) that are absorbed into the skin and body while soaking. More beneficial and less harmful that absorbing these minerals through the digestive tract, for centuries the Eastern world has talked about the physical, mental, and health benefits of soaking in pools of these minerals.  No synthetically-manufactured minerals here–our pond is full of some of the Earth’s amazing and beneficial minerals which took thousands of years for the Earth to produce, such as:

Calcium – 16 ppm = parts per million
Crystal Crane Hot Springs water can be characterized as a calcium–sulphate hot spring. Calcium sulphate soothes the body overall. Sulphated waters are good for chronic skin diseases, digestive and urinary conditions, chronic metallic poisoning, and genealogical troubles.

Sodium – 256 ppm
Salt waters are recommended for bathing because they possess a variety of medicinal properties. Salt water is good for treating rheumatic disorders, skin problems, arthritis, orthopedic, and postoperative disorders as well as gynecological diseases

Magnesium – 0.5 ppm
Magnesium is an important part of more than 300 body enzymes that regulate the body’s functions including protein production, energy production, and the proper functioning of the nerves and muscles, including the heart. Magnesium is essential for the formation of bones and teeth. Magnesium sulphate water soothes and tightens the skin while allowing the skin to retain moisture.

Silica – 102 ppm
Silica is viewed as important in promoting cardiovascular health and plays a key role in both bone formation and mineralization. Silica works synergistically with minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium. Silica restores health to aging skin, hair and nails.

Potassium – 6 ppm
Potassium plays a role in numerous body functions helping to transmit nerve impulses, regulate fluid and mineral balance in the body and maintain normal blood pressure.

Iron – .03 ppm
Bathing in iron rich springs is helpful to people suffering from iron- deficiency anemia or excessive mental fatigue and stress related conditions.

So come soak with us! Because at Crystal Crane, it really IS “all about the water!”