The Bathhouses at Crystal Crane Hot Springs

IMG_2490For those of you who have stopped by and seen the row of cedar doors alongside the horizon next to the showers but didn’t inquire further, you are missing out on half the fun at Crystal Crane! That’s because that rustic cedar building is actually home to our bathhouses: private, rent-by-the-hour baths you fill with our hot spring water.

For $7.50/pp/ph, you can rent one of these private bathhouses. We have a variety of tubs to accommodate one–or many–including a giant round tub which could fit a small group.The tubs are you-fill, with water pumped directly from the spring, so you receive all the benefits of the mineral water in the privacy of your own tub. Because they are you-fill, you can make them as hot–or as warm–as you like. After your soak, each bathhouse is thoroughly cleaned so you are ensured a clean soak in a completely private tub.

Each bathhouse is cedar-enclosed, so the wood aroma fills the air with a spa-like feeling. When you walk in, each bath house has a private changing area with a curtain for you to change into your suit and hang your towel. Then enter the threshold and fill your tub hot springs private tubsfor a luxurious soak in a quiet, dark, rustic room where the moonlight gleams through a tall, private, triangular window.

The experience of the bathhouses is one that is truly unique, romantic, and oddly naturalistic. If you have never tried it, it is an experience for the books! Open daily from 9am-9pm.

Tip: Just stopping through and don’t have a towel? No problem! We have towels for rent!