Why the Fall is the Perfect Time for a Soak

11390301_862766763811029_3329734076677654132_nIt may not be our busy season, but to those who know us know…autumn is possibly one of the best times to visit Crystal Crane. So, if you missed us this summer, maybe you should consider a quick fall break to soak with us!

Why is the fall a great time to go soaking?

  • The nights are cooler, which makes an awesome contrast between the cold night air and the hot water (which is usually between 99 and 102 degrees).
  • The skies are clear, making for awesome star gazing while soaking.
  • The bathhouses are less stuffy. In the warmer temperatures, the steam and heat produced in the bathhouses can be overwhelming, but in the coolness of the fall, the bathhouses are more like a welcomed sauna.
  • There are fewer visitors, which means more quiet and privacy. In fact, some nights you will feel like you have the whole place to yourself!
  • The hot springs are a perfect stress-reducer. The fall brings along with it change and stress, which is the perfect time to get away and relax in the naturally stress-reducing hot spring.

Have we convinced you yet?