5 Unique Reasons to Visit Crystal Crane

All natural hot springs are pretty spectacular. All of them are relaxing. All of them provide health benefits. All of them provide a therapeutic experience. But Crystal Crane Hot Spring is uniquely…unique!

“Why,” you may ask? Because Crystal Crane, tucked between the Steens Mountain range in Harney County, has a history, location, and accommodations that are uniquely Crystal Crane.

5 Things That Make Crystal Crane Hot Springs A Unique Travel Location

The Accommodations. It is uncommon to find a hot springs with indoor overnight accommodations in Oregon. It is even more rare to find accommodations for less than $50 a night. Our Sage Inn rooms start under $50/night and our tiny cabins at just over $50/night. We also have full-service RV spots and dry camping spots as well, making us the perfect combination of rustic yet updated.

The High Desert. Nestled at the bottom of the Steens Mountains, Crystal Crane is a high desert oasis. Rain is rare, the air is cold at night, and the desolate, flat desert leaves a silent cloak over the night air where howls from coyotes miles away can be heard.

The Teepees. In the late spring, summer, and early fall, our teepees make a for a perfect family getaway, sleeping up to 10 people and offering the chance to soak in a hot tub in the center of the teepee. We just might be the only Oregon “Teepee with a Tub” around!

The Bathhouses. For a more private and luxurious soak, we have a variety of bathhouses that can be rented by the hour. Baths range in size from a two-person, to ten person tub and have a private changing area and towel racks. Each tub is filled using water from our pond, with a temperature you control. Sit back and enjoy a private soak in the cedar-enclosed bathhouses.

The Public Pond. Our public pond is large–very large! Almost seven feet deep in the middle and covering a large portion of the property, 10-15 people can be soaking and you’ll still get a private area of the pond for yourself. Because our hot spring is privately owned, we have a different set of rules. For example, floaties and children (soak at your own risk) are welcome, however nudity is not. We may just be the only clothing NOT optional pond around!