An Invitation To Unplug

We are inspired by the love and support we’ve gotten from our community of visitors over the years. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves, “Why?” Why do travelers love our little slice of high desert heaven so much? We don’t have lavish decor–most of our furniture is antiques we’ve collected over the years. We don’t have state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems in our cabins–we rely mostly on efficient heaters and window-mounted A/C units. And our hot spring…it’s not a fancy, cement-encased pool with a waterfall, but a muddy, natural-looking circular spring in the middle of the desert.

So, why, you may ask, do people love coming here as much as many of the much fancier resorts. The answer is simple, literally.

Simplicity. That’s our motto. We provide a relaxing, high desert escape for people looking to “get lost” on vacation. Our internet is spotty. Our accommodations quaint. And entertainment? Well, you are limited to the board games, piano and TV in the Commons, or conversation and a cup of coffee with loved ones on an Adirondack chair on the rim of the hot spring. A warm meal, good soak, and maybe a moonlight bonfire is the list of “to-do’s” to accomplish at Crystal Crane Hot Springs.

So, if you want a high-adventure weekend with the family, you might want to drive right by that wooden sign on the OR-78. But, if have a hankering for a sulfur-infused soak under a star-filled sky and brisk camp-out with howls of coyotes in the distance, then Crystal Crane is need-t0-do for you in 2016.

We invite you to come unplug with us!


Thanks For Visiting!

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