3 Health Benefits of Soaking in All-Natural Hot Springs

To those of us who have soaked in the 100-degree temps of a hot spring, we know how amazing it feels to take a dip and wash away any worries we may have, and that’s reason enough reason to use them! But for those of you who are considering coming to Crystal Crane, here’s a brief list of reasons why you should join us.

IMG_8337Healing powers

It’s in the water. With a mixture of hot temperature and mineral content, you’re getting the right combination of magic to soak in, and it will immediately relax you. For mineral
content specific to Crystal Crane, see our previous post “What’s in Crystal Crane’s Hot Spring Water, Anyway?”

Studies are conducted to determine if historical claims that hot springs also help with things like allergies, inflammation, and serious illnesses, too. Test it out for yourself and see what ailments diminish after a weekend at Crystal Crane!

Good for your skin

Shed that flaky, dry or red top layer of skin, and feel new again! As skincare techniques are constantly changing to remain up to date and relevant, take it back to basics and just soak.

Unplug and reduce stress

One benefit of spending extensive amounts of time in a hot spring is the inability to use
your phone or computer while doing so. At home, electronics are often causing anxiety or
discomfort we may not realize, or if we do, we continue to use them despite their negative side effects. While you unplug and take time for yourself, allow your thoughts and heart rate to slow down, and take comfort in your body’s toxins releasing. It’s not like our Wi-Fi connection is superior, anyway.

You’ll find all three of these health benefits and more at Crystal Crane, and all you have to do is soak!