New Exciting Things Happening At Crystal Crane Hot Springs

If you haven’t been to Crystal Crane Hot Springs in a while, you are in for a treat! That’s because one stroll through our property and you will notice a whole heap of site improvements in the works.

The first thing you’ll notice as you take the long gravel driveway into our property is that we have remodeled the exterior of our 3BR, 2BA Ranch House. Perched atop a small bluff, and overlooking the property, the new exterior is a nice compliment to the vast desert that surrounds it.


The New Exterior of the Ranch House

But the real exciting stuff comes and you move farther into the property. Just past the hot spring soaking pond you will notice another round, natural pond now covers the land. This is our new wildlife refuge, a vision owner Dan Kryger had for Crystal Crane for many years. Here, at the viewing pond, hundreds of types of migratory birds perch along the brush as herds of grazing cows come to take a sip and cool off in the pond. There is a quaint viewing area, perfect for a summer’s day picnic and for taking in the natural sights and sounds of the high desert.


The Wildlife Refuge Pond

For overnight accommodations, we have some nice changes as well. Many of our waterfront cabins and Sage Inn rooms, as well as the Bunkhouse have be redecorated in cute, rustic decor. A few new furniture pieces and sitting areas have been placed throughout the property and are the creative work of one of our newest staff members.


A New Look for Sage Inn #4

But, perhaps the most exciting change to come is the renovation of an old building on the property that will soon be home to a row of 5 units with private, clothing-optional soaking tubs off the back. The old building, long a curious eyesore often questioned by visitors about its purpose, will now house perhaps our most unique overnight experience. The project is currently in permitting.


Our Biggest Project to Date…Renovating a 5-unit building to house 5 rooms and private soaking tubs. Completion date TBD.

Follow us on Facebook to get notified of all the major improvements happenings at Crystal Crane. All of these amazing additions come with the hard work of owners Denise and Dan Kryger, as well as the support of the many patrons of Crystal Crane hot springs who love our little high desert oasis and continue to share it with their friends and family. Thank you so much for your support and we hope to see you soaking soon!