Sage Inn vs. the Waterfront Cabins

Those new to Crystal Crane hot springs outside of Burns, Oregon, face one solid dilemma: which overnight accommodations to choose from.

For the campers, there are four options to choose from: Dry camp spots, the 5th Wheel rental, RV spots with hookups, or the Tepee with you-fill soaking tub.

But, for those who like a slightly more comfortable type of glamping there are three options: The Sage Inn rooms, Waterfront Cabins, and the Bunk House. On the inside, they are very similar, leaving our guests confused on which is better for them. So, we compiled a list to help separate the difference between the three.

Sage Inn



Waterfront Cabins





Cost Per Night $45 $54 $69
Has On-Suite Bathroom No No Yes
Detached No Yes Yes
Includes Robes No No Yes
Includes Towels Yes Yes Yes
Variety of Bed Configurations Yes Yes No
Includes Freshly-pressed Linens Yes Yes Yes
Waterfront on Pond No Yes No
Allows Pets With Fee Yes Yes No
Level of Privacy Low Medium High

No matter how you decide to glamp–in the Sage Inn, Waterfront Cabins, or the Bunkhouse, you will enjoy almost all the same amenities: 24-hour use of the hot spring pond, access to the common areas and camp kitchen, fresh towels and linens, and a beautiful property to explore. There’s really…no wrong choice!