Five Reasons To Love a Private Bathhouse Soak


Private Bathhouse at Crystal Crane

There’s definitely something to be said for the open air soaking under the stars of our public pond. But, because our open air pond is such a beautiful and natural experience, something that often gets overlooked is how amazing it is to soak in our private bathhouses once in while.

Why would someone opt for a private bathhouse when the pond is so amazing you may ask? Well, we decided to compile a list of our favorite five reasons to consider a private bathhouse soak over a public hot spring soak.

Five Reasons To Go Soaking In a Private Bathhouse

  1. Privacy. The first part of private bathhouse is the word “private.” And because our public pond is privately-owned and clothing-required, the private bathhouses are the only way to soak in your birthday suit at Crystal Crane. So, whether you want the privacy for a nude soak, would like a romantic soak for two, or just want to enjoy a soak in solace, the private bathhouses are the way to go.
  2. Temperature Controlled. Unlike the public pond, which has a temperature that is manipulated by the outside conditions (heat, wind and cold air), the private bathhouses have water with temperatures that are controlled by you. So, make it as hot–or cold–as you want! Just use the hot and cold nobs just like on your own bathtub to control the temperature. The hot water comes straight out of the hot spring and can be mixed with cool water, which is perfect for people sensitive to heat, such as children and elderly folks.
  3. No Muddy Feet. While we love the natural environment that surrounds our public pond, sometimes it’s just nice to hop in hot water without getting your feet dirty. At the entrance of each of our bathhouses, there is a changing area with a curtain so you can take off your slippers before entering the bath–no muddy feet to seen! Then, make your exit along the cedar floor, put your shoes back on, and it’s like you just took a mineral-soaked bath.
  4. Enclosed. Ok, so you might miss out on a view of the stars. But, on cold, cloudy nights, you can enjoy the sanctuary of our bathhouses without a cold entry into pond. Step into the steamy, warm, enclosed bathhouse and forget shocking your body with cold air from the outside. Your head, arms and face stay warm the whole time which is more relaxing for some, even if they miss out on the view of the stars.
  5. Big and Small Options. Whether you want a private, single person soak or a tub big enough for a party, we can accommodate either. Our bathhouses each have a different size room and bath to accommodate one–or many!

There’s really no wrong way to soak, but it never hurts to get a taste of both. As the temperatures begin to decrease at night, it is good to try the private, temperature-controlled, enclosed soaking options that our bathhouses have to offer.