Holiday At The Hot Spring

holiday-vacation-ideasAre you the kind to break tradition? Do you eat beef on Thanksgiving and bake cakes instead of cookies? Do you make a run for the trail instead of hunkering down inside when it’s cold. Well, if you are that kind of person, let us make a suggestion for you this holiday season: spend your holiday at Crystal Crane!

What could be more unique and relaxing than spending your Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years in the solitude of an open-air hot spring with a chance of a dusting of snow, then cuddling up in a cozy cabin while you play cards and toast to your amazing Oregon adventure?

If this sounds like the perfect way to spend your holiday, reserve a cabin, RV spot, or rental with us soon. Your overnight stay includes 24/7 use of the hot spring pond, towels and linens (in our rental units), and use of the public spaces such as the camp kitchen, Commons, fire pits, restrooms and showers. And while our front office will be closed and not staffed on Thanksgiving and Christmas, overnight guests will have exclusive access to pond while we are away celebrating with our families.

Let Santa get you what you really want this holiday season: a place to unwind, collect your thoughts, unplug and enjoy the serene beauty of the lightly-populated high desert oasis of Crystal Crane Hot Springs.