Why Winter is a Great Time to Soak

img_8897We may be a little bias in thinking that Crystal Crane is great all year round. In the spring, our pond has a nice consistent temperature and the howls of coyotes can be heard in the distance. In the summer, it’s a great place to get away from the crowds and enjoy the solitude from inside our seasonal tepee. In the fall, the heat of the pond makes for a nice contrast to the cold high desert nights. And, in the winter, we think our place is pretty great too!

Why Winter is a Great Time to Visit Crystal Crane

  1. High Desert Solitude. Because the roads are less traveled during the winter, our pond and overnight accommodations are usually lightly populated, meaning you can enjoy a soak in solitude, and have your choice of many of our overnight accommodations.
  2. Cozier Cabins. Our small, waterfront cabins are the perfect compliment to the chilly night air. The close quarters are more romantic after a frosty walk back from the pond.
  3. Better Bathhouse Soaking. If the cold night air is not your thing, the bathhouses make a for a great retreat in the snow and adverse weather. Enclosed in cedar, the steam bounces off the walls, making for a warm, steamy, cedar-infused soak with baths filled to the temperature you desire.
  4. Soaking in the Snow. If you are lucky enough to experience a snow dusting while you are here, there is simply nothing more enjoyable than the warmth of pond while snowflakes trickle your nose.
  5. Classic Family Activities. When was the last time you sat down and played a game of chess, read a book, or shuffled a stack of cards? The quiet surroundings, light population of visitors, and sketchy wifi make for the perfect excuse to stay inside and bond over traditional family activities and games.

While we believe our little oasis is heaven no matter the season, if you’ve never considered a weekend trip to Crystal Crane in the winter, we wanted to suggest that you may find it to be your favorite time of year to visit. With all the stress of holidays, family and the commercialism of this time of year, wouldn’t it be great to just take a moment and unplug in the solitude of a high desert soak?