Ways to Get Romantic at a Hot Spring

We’re not really the red roses and fancy dinner type. We find that heels and ties make us feel like we’re playing dress-up, and we’re more into a good old BBQ than a fancy sushi restaurant. So, when the season of love beckons for a romantic expedition, our ideal way to spend the day isn’t doing anything tradition. We think there’s nothing more romantic than a good soak with the person you love.

So, if you are our kind of person, and looking for a way to get romantic this February, let us suggest letting things get “steamy” in hot spring water.

Ways to Get Romantic at Crystal Cranekissing-in-spring-pool

  • Wish upon a star from the clear view of the night sky from our hot spring pond
  • Stay overnight in one of our cozy cabins, just cool enough to force an all-night snuggle
  • Rent a private bathhouse and go au naturel
  • Bring a basket of romantic foods like cheese, crackers and chocolate-covered strawberries to enjoy in a bathhouse floor picnic
  • Unplug in any one of our accommodations, where the wifi is sketchy and the “do not disturb” sign is implied
  • Order a massage for two in your room (call our front desk for details)

When you surround yourself with warm water, natural minerals and your significant other, romance abounds. You’ll find that a soak is so much hotter than a stuffy, crowded dinner out.