Buy Local, Travel Local

The “buy local” movement is hot, but if supporting your home state or community ranks high on your list this year, why not take it one step further and also “travel local?”

Often, the idea of supporting our local communities during vacation time seems to leap our mind. But there are some major benefits to staying close to home when the long weekends, holidays and vacation time beckon.

Reasons to Travel Local


  • Traveling local allows you to look at your state and community through the eyes of a visitor, trying things you may have never done, even though they are in your own backyard, like, for instance, soaking in a natural hot spring.
  • A “Staycation” is very cost effective because cost of travel and lodging are dramatically reduced. Staying close to home means less gas money, and you either head home at night, or opt for alternative overnight accommodations such as camping, couch surfing, teepee-ing, or renting small cabins (like the ones at Crystal Crane which start at $48/night).
  • Staying close to home means less travel time. Think of it: no lines, no traffic, no crowds, no passport, no customs line, no rest area bathroom stops!
  • Traveling local is less harsh on the environment because it doesn’t expel emissions from a plane or long car travel.
  • Staying close to home allows you to discover the lesser-known, yet fantastic adventure opportunities right out your back door. You may discover a new trail, a new sport, or a new destination that may have been a mystery to you before.
  • During your adventures, you may encourage others to check out your new local spot. This helps promote the local economy even further.

Yes, the sun and sandy white beaches are easily enticing this time of year. But traveling local is an amazing way to explore your local surroundings, while also saving money and time and helping boost the local economy.