Bird Watching Along The Pacific Flyway

IMG_3145Think soaking is “for the birds”? You may just be right. That’s because Crystal Crane and the surrounding Harney Basin is the temporary home to hundreds of species of migratory birds every year.

Harney Basin, located along the Pacific Flyway, is one of only four major north-south migratory routes in North America, extending from Alaska/Siberia to Patagonia. Like clockwork each spring, birds make their way over the Pacific Flyway, passing through our property, following a route determined by food sources, breeding grounds, weather and water.

During migration (happening now), the Harney County Basin will support hundreds of thousands of species of waterfowl, tens of thousands of shorebirds and lots of other spectacle birds.  In fact, due to the high birder coverage and concentrated bird habitats, the nearby Malheur Wildlife Refuge is said to have the highest all-time bird list of any single location in Oregon.

So, while you are soaking up the springs and refueling on energy, many bird wildlife are refueling on our property as well. Their chirps and songs are the only music on our property and add to the authentic, natural and back-to-our-roots type of relaxing that we offer. If soaking is “for the birds”, then we can’t stop chirping!