Our Sanctuary Pond

You don’t have to visit our property to know we have a hot springs pond, 100-degrees and ready for a soak all year round. But, only those who have stayed overnight or frequented our property know about our sanctuary pond, the property’s second most popular pond.

A couple years ago, owner Dan came to a meeting with a shovel in his hand. When asked what he was doing, he said he had a vision: to create a refuge area for native species of Eastern Oregon on the grounds of Crystal Crane. A few years later and Dan’s vision of a wildlife refuge and sanctuary became a realty.

Today, you can see the pond and refuge area from the comforts of the public hot springs pond. Located just kitty-corner of the soaking pond, it is not unlikely to see cows drinking from the pond while birds making their journey over the Pacific Flyway chirp away and drink from the mineral-heavy water.

It truly is an oasis in the desert, which is probably why so many types of wildlife make a stop at Crystal Crane. Harney County itself has as many as 320 species of birds and 58 species of mammals that travel through these lands, to include: tundra swan, now goose, deer, antelope, duck, pheasants, and of course, sage rats–many of these who cross our refuge regularly.

At Crystal Crane, it really is ALL ABOUT THE WATER, but that water is not limited to our hot spring pond! Our sanctuary pond is a great place to pack up a picnic and sit and watch the numerous wildlife that call the high desert their home. (Day passes for use of hot springs pond and wildlife refuge is $6.00/pp)