What’s The Meaning Of The Name?

IMG_7435We believe that there’s a lot unsaid in a name.

The interpretation of a name can mean so many things. So, we decided to take a moment to break down our own name, and what it means.

What do you think? Do you agree?

C – Clarity. There’s no place like the peace and quiet of our lonesome high desert terrain to quiet the mind and provide clarity.

R – Rustic. We are proud of our rustic nature. There’s no fluffy comforters, essential oils or Keurig coffee machines here. We like to take it back to the simplicity of clean, pressed linens, the smells of nature and a strong cup of black coffee.

Y – Youth. Because we are privately owned, we make the rules, and one of our goals is to provide a one-of-a-kind vacation for the whole family. We are proud to say that our public pond is NOT clothing optional to allow for parents and youth to comfortably enjoy the hot spring. We also don’t mind lifejackets, floaties, or buckets of sand toys.

S – Serenity. When you are miles away the nearest town with nothing but the sounds of coyotes to keep you company, you can’t help but feel the serenity of our high desert oasis.

T – Tipi and a Tub. One unique feature of our property is our Tipi and a Tub unit, which features a large, furnished tepee with a private, you-fill tub that utilizes water plumbed directly from our hot spring.

A – Affordability. Our prices start at $25/night for a dry camp spot, and $57/night for a waterfront cabin. These prices rival many chain hotels and include the use of our common areas and 24 hour access to our pond.

L – Low Key. Uptight city slickers need not reserve here, because we are all about the simple things. Our Wifi is sketchy, our furniture is antique, our cabins are rustic, and our attitude is low key. And we have no intention on changing any of that.

C – Camping. At rates similar to that of many dry campgrounds, we provide our overnight campers with all the amenities they would expect–showers, camp kitchen, BBQ’s, fire pits–but with one additional amenity: 24-hour use of the hot spring pond.

R – RV Spots. RV campers will enjoy our campsites for which include water, electricity and some with sewer for only $28-32/night. As with all of our overnight accommodations, this includes exclusive 24-hour use of the hot springs pond.

A – Accommodations. We have a variety of accommodations for any type of visitor, from fully-stocked rental homes, to rustic and minimalistic studio cabins, to RV and dry camp spots.

N – Night Soaking. Unlike many hot springs, our privately-owned springs allow for night soaking for day use visitors (until 9pm) and 24-hour soaking for overnight visitors so our patrons can enjoy a night soak under the stars.

E – Euphoric. For centuries, humans have been using hot springs to help heal the mind, body and soul. A soak in our mineral-filled waters provides physical relief to people suffering from numerous conditions by eliminating toxins from the body, increasing circulation, normalizing the nervous system and promoting feelings of physical and psychological well-being.

So what’s in a name? A lot. For us, our name encompasses everything we are about–from  a place of peace and clarity to our euphoric waters.