How to “Crystal Crane” Like a Regular

Do you sit at your desk, pining over our Instagram or Facebook pics of soakers taking in our hot springs and wonder “how do I do that?” Do you long for that stress-free look of relaxation, wish for a long morning spring-side with a cup of coffee or wonder how people could really “unwind” like that?

Well, if that’s you, then we’ve got a secret guide to soaking like a regular. Becoming one of us is easy. It just takes a little practice in some low-maintenance relaxing.


Secrets to Soaking Like a Regular

  1. Come on a weekday. You know, so you can post a picture of yourself with your feet in the mud while everyone else is at work. Don’t forget to also post a picture under the moonlight way past your bed time on a work night for an extra punch of jealousy.
  2. Dump the latte. We don’t do lattes here. We do cowboy coffee and a view. Besides, you won’t find a coffee shop for at least 25 miles.
  3. Soak like no one’s looking. Go underwater, float on your back, bathe in water spout…you’ll actually look weird if you look like your doing it “right.”
  4. No shoes, no shirt, sounds perfect! We’re pretty casual here. So, there’s really no place for uncomfortable shoes, formal clothing or up-does. A pair of flip flops, a swimsuit and a ponytail work just fine.
  5. Unplug your devices. Except for the occasional update to make your friends jealous (see first bullet point), there’s really no reason to bring your iPad, iWatch, tablet, phone, computer, etc. And you’ll actually look a little out of place doing it. Plus, the Wifi isn’t super fast and is available to everyone, so chances are, your streaming experience will be more “chill” and less “Netflix.”

So, there you have it. It’s pretty simple. To soak like a regular, you’ve got to…well, relax. Remove yourself from the world for day and spend that time on you. Uptight city slickers who are attached to their Hulu account may never fit in here. And that’s ok. Our little slice of heaven was made for those who like chill like a professional.