Spooky Things About Crystal Crane

Who doesn’t like to get a little spooked in the month of October? Well, if the days of dressing up and trick or treating have long since ran their course, we’ve got an idea for a new, spooky Halloween adventure. Head on down to Crystal Crane for an overnight stay and take in the darkness of the pond and howls of coyotes as you go for a midnight soak.


Five Things That Make Crystal Crane Spookier Than Trick Or Treating

  1. The water looks black in night sky. The clear skies and lack of light pollution cause our water to reflect off the dark sky, turning it nearly black when there is a new moon.
  2. Alongside the dark water, a midnight soak (available to all overnight guests) will have you in nearly pitch black atmosphere, swimming around blindly with no idea where the edge of the pond is, or who is next to you!
  3. Because we have a noise cap after 9pm, theeery silence of the high desert, though relaxing and amazing, is also a little creepy.
  4. And, while the sounds of other human beings is not heard during the night, one likely cry you’ll hear is the distant howls of the coyotes. And let’s face it…coyote howls are spooky.
  5. The history of the hot spring itself is a little spooky. Once a pool, restaurant and dance hall, sometime in the 1930’s those buildings were destroyed in a fire and never rebuilt. Some of the remnants of those buildings and part of the concrete pour from the pool still remain on the property today. If you tour the property during your stay at Crystal Crane, you can find pieces of this history garnishing the landscape near the Sage Inn.

So, if you really want to get spooked this Halloween, head 25 miles from nowhere and join us for a midnight Halloween soak. Is it really that creepy? We’ll let your imagination get the best of you…