A Moment of Gratitude…

crystal crane hot springs burns oregonWe consider ourselves “glass half full” kind of people. Our version of heaven on earth doesn’t require fancy pools, flawless weather or ultra-cushy bed pillows. We appreciate the simple things–a warm fire, cozy blanket and game of cards. So, even though we consider ourselves grateful for the little things, it never hurts to take a moment to give gratitude where it’s due. So, here we go…

A Moment Of Gratitude For The Things We Love Most


Seemingly so simple, but when was the last time you got a moment to truly enjoy the quiet? At Crystal Crane, we are lucky enough to enjoy it quite often, honoring the 10pm quiet time rule and sneaking in for a midnight soak when little is heard but the distant calls of the coyotes. Nights are often spent under tents and tepees with the daylight being nature’s only alarm.

The Night Sky.

Nestled under the unfiltered, unpolluted sky of the high desert is one of the advantages of being in the middle of nowhere. Pair that with our commonly clear skies and 24/7 access to the public pond, and you might appreciate a star-filled sky in a way you never have before. We certainly do.


Our place is not for everyone. There’s little to do other than walk, soak, play games and chat with patrons. But what we find is that those who love Crystal Crane share a common thread that unites us and creates an environment of community, harmony and peaceful appreciation for one another. We are incredibly grateful for our community of soakers who frequent our property, share their memories with us and become a part of our extended family.

The Water.

Maybe it’s the minerals talking, but there seems no other soak like it. A dip in the pond or a soak in the bathhouses seems to wash it all away: stress, pain, exhaustion, worry, heartache. It has a way of making us connect with the earth an appreciate our gifts…

Ok, time to get out of the bathhouse…we’re feeling all mushy!!! Happy Thanksgiving, patrons! Thanks for making our place what it is!