2018 Goals: Vacation the Simple Way

vacation copyHow do you compete with cruise ships built like entire cities, hotel resorts with miles of pools, and tours that trot the globe? Well, if you’re Crystal Crane Hot Springs, you simply…don’t.

Located approximately 25 miles from the (already) small town of Burns, Oregon, Crystal Crane has something larger resorts don’t: peaceful simplicity.

People from as far as the east coast and beyond come to enjoy a soak in the 100-degree-plus waters of Crystal Crane Hot Springs. These adventurers require little distraction; they are more inclined to enjoy a simple cup of Joe and a sunrise soak than to fawn over a latte in the city. Patrons become temporary neighbors with one another, and it’s not unlikely to see them sharing an oven-hot lasagna in the camp kitchen with one another rather than heading to town for dinner.

Simplicity and relaxation being the undertone for their daily routine, a typical visit to Crystal Crane looks something like this: a sunrise soak, some gaming in the common area, a walk around the refuge pond, dinner around a campfire and evening soak under an unpolluted high desert sky.

Day users do much the same—choosing to soak either in the public pond or in the private, cedar-enclosed bathhouses that accommodate anywhere from one to ten people, then catching lunch or dinner on one of the picnic tables sprinkled around the property.

For those interested in staying longer than just a few hours, there are numerous overnight accommodations to choose from; nearly all of which cost less than the average hotel. The waterfront cabins, adjacent to the public pond and starting at $58 per night for two people, are a popular choice for first time visitors. Other options include dry camping spots, RV sites, the rooms at the Sage Inn, the three-bedroom rental units and a bucket-list must do: the tepee with private soaking tub!

Anyone staying overnight is given 24-hour access to the public pond—a widely appreciated perk for those interested in soaking under the awe-inspiring night sky. But for those interested in a bit more privacy, Crystal Crane will soon offer a motel unit, each room featuring a private patio and you-fill hot tub (estimated to be completed late Fall 2017).

The private hot tub units, including the bathhouses on the property, are ideal for patrons interested in soaking in the nude, since all the public areas of Crystal Crane are clothing-required; a rule established by the owners to keep it family-friendly.

So, what, besides soaking is there to do at Crystal Crane Hot Springs? Well, you can take a moment to taste your coffee, meander around the refuge pond, listen to the migratory birds chirp, or play Checkers in the Commons. But those easily bored may want to reconsider, because after all, the motto here is “all about the water.”

In the words of one of their patrons—city slickers need not apply. Unless, of course, that city slicker is looking for a quiet high desert escape where the nights are long and the only noise heard is that of a distant coyote.