Our Pet Friendly Grounds


The Owner’s Cat Sunbathing at The Crane Creek Inn

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Crystal Crane is being family friendly. But when we say “family friendly”, we mean the WHOLE family, paws and all.

We set out to create an environment where kids and pets alike could enjoy a family vacation. This means clothing-required soaking in the public pond (we have private baths for those who like to soak in the nude), prohibited use of alcohol in the public pond, family-run facilities, a strong connection with our own family and team, and pet-friendly premises. We know what it’s like to have a pet who is part of your travel pack–you will even see the owner’s cat meandering occasionally around the property–so we decided long ago to find a way to accommodate families and their pets on our site.

While we would love to make ALL our spaces pet-friendly, we also want to ensure the comfort of our allergy-prone guests. So, we have set aside particular spaces that are reserved for our four-legged customers.

Tips for Bringing Your Pet to Crystal Crane

  • If your pet will be staying the night with you, you must reserve a pet-friendly room in either our Waterfront Cabins or Sage Inn. Pets are also allowed in our RV and dry camping areas.
  • Please keep pets on-leash when roaming around the property for the safety of our other guests and wildlife.
  • No pets in the public pond please.
  • Remember that temperature varies dramatically in the high desert so come prepared to keep your pet cool/warm during their stay.
  • Keep your pet hydrated onsite. Our dry air and heat in the warmer months can cause dehydration.
  • For the comfort of our guests, please do not bring pets that cause a ruckus. Barking and disturbing other patrons is a no-no.
  • Do not leave your pet alone at Crystal Crane if you decide to go exploring.

Basically, the rules for humans and four-leggers are the same: respect other patrons, their space and their peace and quiet. We look forward to seeing you and your whole family soon at Crystal Crane.