Coming Soon…Improvements Are Being Made at Crystal Crane

If you’ve recently come for a soak, you may have noticed a little dirt being pushed around our property. That’s because we are busy making improvements to better enhance the soaking experience for our overnight and day use guests.

Previous Improvements

Over the past ten years, some of the improvements have included a wildlife refuge pond installed by the owner himself that makes for a great resting spot for wild animals, cows and birds migrating along the Pacific Flyway. You will catch a glimpse of all these creatures just past the soaking pond. There is also a covered picnic area to sit and enjoy a lunch while the wildlife abounds all around.

To further enhance the day-use experience at Crystal Crane, numerous benches have been built all along the property, forming nice little areas where the sunrise and sunset can be seen and also lining the hot spring pond.

For overnight guests, a number of fire pits line the property for ambiance and marshmallow roasting when the weather and fire laws allow.

2016 Improvements

In 2016, some improvements were made to overnight accommodations and Cabin 4 of the Sage Inn and the Ranch House, giving them a nicer, cozier and more comfortable feel. The 5th Wheel rental was also added to our offerings for overnight accommodations and we broke ground on our biggest project in 10 years–the Crane Creek Inn.


2017 Improvements

In 2017, we completed our biggest project in over 10 years, the Crane Creek Inn. With an idea in mind to provide a place for couples interested in private soaking outdoors, the old inn on the property was completely rebuilt with five guest units, each which includes a private bathroom, patio, and private soaking tub. The Inn is about 20 steps from the hot spring, though most guests utilize the private tubs off the back of each room where they can trot across the heated patio and climb in the tub in the nude if they like. Each patio has high walls for privacy, but an open ceiling for stargazing. The rooms feature a full bathroom, king-sized beds and a large flat screen TV with cable. It’s our most comfortable and luxurious overnight offering to date.


2018 Improvements

With such a big project behind us, you’d think we would put the brakes on improving the property for a while. However, anyone who has been to Crystal Crane lately has seen the beginning of our next big project just next to the pond, our new shower/changing room/bathrooms. Visitors will soon enjoy a brand new area to shower off before and after their soak, conveniently located adjacent to the pond. Other future improvements in the works are a new camp kitchen, two more tepees (each with an outdoor soaking tub, picnic area and firepit; coming this summer), and new fire pits and picnic tables for the dry camp spots. We are also considering possibly even renovating a covered sheepherder’s wagon into a overnight room.

What kinds of improvements would you like to see at Crystal Crane? We are always open to hearing how we can make the most unique vacation experience for our guests, please let us know by sending us a message on our Facebook Page!


Thanks For Visiting!

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