Vacate the Holidays

IMG_2816We are always quick to claim we love the simple things–a black cup of coffee over a latte, an outdoor soak over a water slide, and the sounds of nature over the sounds of a concert. So when the holidays fast approach, while many are running around shopping, baking cookies and wrapping presents, we are more likely sitting by fireplace, popping a lasagna into the camp kitchen stove and wrapping ourselves in a fluffy robe after a late night soak.

If you need a little R&R or escape from the holiday chaos, consider why a quick break to our hot waters might be just what Santa ordered.

Five Ways to Relax During the Holidays at Crystal Crane

  1. Go for a soak. Did you know soaking in the hot springs waters has been used for centuries to help calm physical ailments and destress? While the waters and minerals heal your body, the warmth and relaxation heals your mind, allowing you to decompress and really enjoy a moment for yourself this holiday season.
  2. Stargaze. One glance at our unfiltered night sky helps provide real perspective that we are such a small part of the whole picture and our problems are often smaller than we think. A glance up at the stars from our pond or private tubs is a great way to put things into perspective and sit in gratitude for this amazing world.
  3. Go for a walk. Sure, we all walk. But a walk without purpose or a destination is truly healing. A stroll around our acreage and through the wildlife refuge in calming and healthy! Or, opt for one of the many trails that surround our oasis. The quiet, barren wilderness of the high desert provides a completely unique hiking experience where you can be with your thoughts.
  4. Unplug. Take some real family time away from your devices and opt instead for a board game, deck of cards or good book. Our coffee is warm and our fireplace is burning–it’s the perfect excuse to relax and bond with the family the simple way.
  5. Catch the sunrise/sunset. The shorter days means you don’t have to get up extra early or late to enjoy the sunrise or sunset. And, might we say–they are spectacular this time of year. Plus, our flat terrain gives a great view of both! Pour a cup of coffee and find a spot to view the sunrise, or grab your towel and “soak” up the sunset (quite literally). There’s not many things more peaceful than the quiet of a winter sunrise or sunset in the high desert.